Your Message History is where you can see all the messages you've received in the Makers Empire 3D app. This makes is very easy for students and teachers to keep track of things like assignments, assessments and feedback. 

To see your Message History click on the Me Tab (your avatar picture), then click on the Messages (envelope) icon. If you have new messages, a letter icon will appear next to your avatar.

In Messages you will see a list of message previews on the left. Click a message preview to see the message details on the right. Unread messages are marked with a little unopened envelope icon in the bottom right corner. When students receive tokens, they click the token icon to collect them.

You can filter messages by clicking the small menu icon on the Messages button.

The Teacher messages filter is useful for students (and teachers) to check feedback from their teacher on assessable designs. Teachers can assess designs from Challenge Central or create their own Teacher Assigned Missions.

**IMPORTANT NOTE: Makers Empire is committed to ensuring a safe and positive digital environment. In Makers Empire 3D there is no private messaging, no personal data, all comments go through a bad word filter and sentiment analysis, and teachers can control their students' level of interaction. Read more about our Acceptable Content Policy here.

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