You can download your design either via the Makers Empire 3D app, or the Teacher Dashboard.

To download a design from the Makers Empire 3D app

PLEASE NOTE: you can only download STL files (commonly used for 3D printing) via the Makers Empire 3D app. For other file formats, you'll need to use the Teacher Dashboard.

1. Browse My Designs or Gallery to find the design you want to download.

2. Click the image to see more details and options for that design.

3. Click the Send button.

4. Choose STL file.

5. You can choose to receive the STL file by email, or you can download it to your device.

To download a design from the Makers Empire Teacher Dashboard

  1. Find the design you want to download. We recommend using Class Management > Student Work: View and Assess to most efficiently find students' work. You can also find an individual student's work via Class Management > Classes.

  2. Once you've found the design you want, click the More Options button (the three dots) and select Download 3D Files to begin processing/generating your 3D files. This can take a few minutes.

  3. Go to Print Management > My 3D Files to find your processed designs. Click the Download icon and select the file format that you need:

    • STL is commonly used for FDM 3D printing (e.g. the type of 3D printers most schools have),
    • GLB can be used to order full-colour 3D prints and can also be used to import and present full-colour 3D files in Microsoft Powerpoint and Word,
    • OBJ can be used to export full-colour 3D designs into other programs, such as professional CAD software, VR builders and game engines.
    • JPG is a 2D preview image that can easily be shared via email etc.

  4. Follow the system prompts to download your files to your device.

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