At Makers Empire, we provide a safe environment for users to share their own designs and view designs created by other users in our global community.

To reduce the risk of users being exposed to offensive, inappropriate or sensitive material, we have developed an Acceptable Content policy.

Our Acceptable Content policy provides guidelines for appropriate user-generated content.

User-generated content refers to:

  • Designs made in Makers Empire, including titles and descriptions of designs

  • Usernames

  • Comments added to designs

  • Imported images, designs and other imported content

Unacceptable content includes:

  • Hate speech, discrimination or threats including those related to gender, sexuality, race and religion

  • Nudity, pornography or sexual references

  • Threatening or inappropriate language

  • Any content related to illegal activity

  • Reference to drugs, alcohol or adult content

  • Weapons, including guns and warfare

Makers Empire protects users from unacceptable content by:

  • Using a text search filter to detect content containing words that contravene our Acceptable Content policy

  • Programmatic 'sentiment analysis' to block comments flagged as generally negative or nonsensical.

  • Human moderation of content flagged as inappropriate

  • Provision of flexible privacy settings which can be set by teachers in the Teacher’s

  • Provision of a safe mode which restricts the ability to view any content that has been flagged as contravening our Acceptable Content policy. The safe mode is activated by default and can be turned on or off in the Teacher’s Dashboard

  • Provision of a Report Button in the Makers Empire software which allows users to report any content they feel contravenes the Makers Empire Acceptable Content policy.

  • Human moderation of user-reported content breaches

Please view the full Acceptable Content Policy.

If you have any further questions or notice any content that you believe is unacceptable, please contact us immediately at

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