Many teachers ask us how to set work for their students using 'Missions' in Makers Empire. Missions make it easy to quickly assign work to many students at once.

First, a quick explanation of challenges in Makers Empire. In the Maker World, there are four kinds of 'challenges':

1. Training Lab houses the tutorial challenges
2. Challenge Central for curriculum-aligned challenges designed by the Makers Empire team
3. Mission Maker where anyone can create a design mission and invite their friends to try it
4. Daily Challenges as the name suggests, a new challenge appears every 24 hours

There are 2 methods for teachers to create Missions for students - in the Teacher Dashboard and in the app.
Note: If you want to include a starting scene design for students to work from, you will need to create your Mission in the app (Method 2 below).

Method 1
The easiest way for teachers to create and assign tasks for their students is to create Missions in the Teacher Dashboard:

Students will get a notification in the app that will take them to the Mission. 

Method 2
It is also possible for students to create their own missions and invite each other to attempt them. To do this:

1. Go to the Mission Maker 'launch pad'.
(For new users; Mission Maker is unlocked at Level 3. The fastest way to get to Level 3 is to complete the first few Training Lab tutorials.)

2. The first time you visit Mission Maker, Rocket Guy will ask you to create a rocket. Click the Go! button. Make a cool rocket and click the FINISH button.

3. On subsequent visits to Mission Maker, Rocket Guy will ask "Do you want launch into challenges, or edit your rocket?" Click the Launch button.

4. Your rocket will launch into space and you will see the Mission Maker menu. To create a new design mission, click the Create button on the top left.

5. Give your mission a distinctive title* (really important) and a description. The description should be a simple design / mission brief.

6. Select which Tool you want students to use to complete your mission; Shaper or Blocker

7.1. Select whether or not you want your mission to include a starting Scene. A Scene is any design which the mission creator makes as a template or starting point for the mission. 

7.2. If you select to use a Scene, you'll also need to select whether or not you want to Lock Scene? If you select Lock Scene (tick) your Scene will not be editable. If you deselect Lock Scene your Scene will be editable.

8. Click Next. Your mission is now live!

9. There are three ways to invite users to try your mission:
A. You invite users to try your mission by clicking the invite icon next to their hero picture and username
B. You can invite specific users entering their username in the text box.
C. You can invite an entire class by entering the @ mark followed by the class code, e.g. @123word

  • NOTE FOR TEACHERS: If your students miss, or ignore, the invite, you can direct them to go to Mission Maker and search for your mission by title in the search bar anytime. You can refine the search by filtering missions by My School only.



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