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There are two ways to quickly find students' work; search by username, or search with filters.

Search by username
The fastest way to find an individual student is to search for them by their username. Simply enter their username (or a portion of it) in the search field and hit return on your keyboard.

Search with filters
Four layers of filters help you find exactly what you're looking for:

1. Filter by class name or All Classes

2. Filter by All Designs, All Assessable Designs or Teacher Missions

3. Filter by Date Created, Assessment Status or Challenge Title

4. This 'fine filter' changes depending on your previous selection:
Date Created: All Time, Today, This Week, This Month, Last 3 Months, Last Year
Assessment Status: Waiting, Retry, Complete
Challenge Title: search all designs created for a specific challenge, e.g. "Banana Cookies"

5. Click on any design to open the detailed design view.

Here you can see stats, comments, assessment tools (if applicable) and download an STL file if you want to 3D print this design.


1. All designs which are awaiting assessment will have a tick box on the top left of the card.

2. Once you select a design by clicking the tick box, the Quick Assess options will appear on screen.

3. Once you have selected the desired designs, simply choose the appropriate feedback and confirm that you want to send this assessment now.

*NOTE: All feedback is private.

4. Students will receive a notification in the Makers Empire 3D app when they receive assessment feedback and/or tokens.


To give more detailed feedback and a more in depth assessment, you can still assess designs individually. 

1. Simply click on the desired design to open the detailed design view

Stats and comments appear to the right of the design preview. If the design is assessable, the assessment tools appear below the design preview.

2. In the assessment tools, teachers can see the Challenge Title, Design Brief and Curriculum points.

Teachers can choose an achievement level: Satisfactory, Above Satisfactory or Below Satisfactory.

3. Teachers can then choose from pre-filled feedback, or they can enter their own feedback for their student. Again, all feedback is private.

Teachers can also choose to reward extra tokens if their student has done an especially good job.

4. Students will receive a notification in the Makers Empire 3D app when they receive assessment feedback and/or tokens.

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