Challenge Central is an area in the Makers Empire 3D app where students can complete super engaging, age-appropriate, curriculum-aligned Challenge Courses.

Teachers can easily keep track of their students' progress and gain powerful insights using Progress Reports in their Teacher Dashboard. Here's how:

1. First, make sure you have assigned a Challenge Course.

2. Log in to your Teacher Dashboard and make sure you have 'starred' the relevant class(es).

3. Go to Class Management > Challenge Courses and select the Progress Reports tab.

4. Use the drop-down menus to select your class and the Challenge Course you want to view (you can also check Basic Training progress), then click the Search button.

5. You will see a table with your students' names and a traffic light system measuring their progress. A few tips to help you get the most from the Progress Report:

A. The top row shows the type of challenge: Video, Quiz, Pro-Training or Design Challenge. Hover over the icons for more info.

B. The traffic light system indicates students' achievement on each challenge, green = looking good, yellow = might need help, red = definitely needs help. Please note that these scores are based on programmatic data and aim to give teachers additional insight into their students' performance, they do not replace a human teacher's judgement.

C. You can click on any challenge to see more details on a students' performance:
Video - students simply have to watch to the end of the video to pass.
Quiz - is marked on how many correct answers a student gets and teachers can also see if a student has gone back to retry the quiz (we encourage this as it shows self-improvement).
Pro-Training - students are scored on a combination of accuracy and the number of mistakes they made and again, teachers can see if a student has retired the pro-training and how they have improved.
Design Challenge - teachers can see the time a student spent on a design and their effort score. The effort score is calculated by an algorithm that takes into account the time, the number of shapes used, diversity of shapes and colours used and the number of editing tools used. This helps teachers better understand how much work went into a design, even if it is not evident in the final model. More on Effort Score.

6. Once a student completes the Challenge Course you can assess their work by clicking on More Options (the three dots icon) and selecting Assess. You can send the default message or write your own, and choose to award some tokens if you wish. Students will receive a notification in-app telling them if they have passed the Challenge Course or if they should try again. Don't worry, students don't see language like "Below Satisfactory" - just the friendly message you choose to send them.

You can also send general feedback to your students at any point in the Challenge Course by selecting More Options > Send Feedback.

If you have questions or would like to know more about Challenge Courses or Progress Reports, get in touch at or click on the Help Chat icon in your Teacher Dashboard.

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