*NOTE: Please make sure your students are using Makers Empire 3D Version 4.6.6 (Nov 2021), or newer, to allow them to choose from multiple Challenge Courses.

Challenge Courses are a series of age appropriate, curriculum-aligned design challenges. Over the course of one Challenge course students will address important Design & Technologies / Engineering Design curriculum points - but perhaps more importantly, they're really fun and super engaging!

To assign a Challenge Course for your students:

1. Log in to your Teacher Dashboard and go to Class Management > Challenge Courses.

2. Select the Available Courses tab to check out all the available Challenge Courses (we'll be adding more over the coming months so keep checking back).

Once you know which course you want to assign...

3. Select the Assign Courses tab.

4a. To make a Challenge Course available for the whole class, select the Assign for all [class name] checkbox. Any students who are added or moved into your class later will be able to access this course.

4. If you do not want a particular student to access an assigned course, simply 'untick' the box next to their name.

5. If you want to assign courses to students individually, simply select the checkbox next to the student's name.

6. Students access the Challenge Courses by entering the Challenge Central area of the Makers Empire 3D app. They will be able to see and start working on any of the Challenge Courses which you have assigned for them.

7. To keep track of your students' progress and offer feedback and support as they work through the Challenge Courses, select the Progress Reports tab. Learn more about Progress Reports here

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