To become a Makers Empire Member :

  1. All Makers Empire users must have a valid email address so we can contact them later.

  2. If users are 13 or younger (or 16 in EU countries) their parent/carer must allow them to become a Makers Empire Member.

*PLEASE NOTE: becoming a Makers Empire Member is still free.

As part of becoming a Makers Empire Member, users will be asked to enter a valid email address. We will send them an email with the subject "Activate your Makers Empire Member account". This email contains a link to click to confirm the user's email address.

If you have entered your email address in the Makers Empire 3D app but can't find the "Activate your Makers Empire Member account" in your email inbox, try these troubleshooting options:

  1. Ask your parent or carer for help.
    If you are 13 or younger (16 in EU countries), you should be using a parent/carer's email address.

  2. Check your junk/spam folder.

  3. Try another email address.
    Some school, government and business emails have very strict settings that block emails from Makers Empire and many other organisations too. If you've already checked your junk/spam folder and can't find the email from us, try using another (personal) email address if you have one.

For more information about becoming a Makers Empire Member please read

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