Let's start by clarifying the relationship between the Makers Empire 3D app and the Makers Empire Teacher Dashboard.

Makers Empire 3D is an application (app) that you download onto your device (phone, tablet or computer). We use a Game-Based Learning approach to help students (and teachers) learn the principles of 3D designs, practice their design thinking skills and build their creative confidence. The app looks like a game, but everything in there is carefully designed by our team to enhance learning outcomes.

The Makers Empire Teacher Dashboard is a website that teachers use to set up their classes, quickly assign, monitor and assess their students’ work; access professional development and teaching resources, and more.

Once the Makers Empire 3D app is installed on your device, you can easily switch between the app and your teacher dashboard, or vice-versa.

When you sign in to Makers Empire 3D you will see a "Teacher Dashboard" button on the top right. Simply click the button to open your Teacher Dashboard.

In the Teacher Dashboard, you will see a pink "Launch Makers Empire 3D button" on the top left, above the menu. Click this button to open the Makers Empire 3D app.

NOTE: If you haven't already installed the Makers Empire 3D app on your current device, you'll be prompted to install it and directed to the download page.

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