Collaboration and communication are critical 21st Century skills - and Makers Empire makes it fun to develop both.

There are two basic ways to collaborate on a design: iterate on a single design and/or combine multiple designs.

Iterate on a design

  1. To iterate on a design by another designer, you first need to 'buy' it. Go to the Gallery, select a design that you like and click on the token to buy it.

    TIP! You can ask your students to set their designs to FREE / 0 tokens to make it easier to share/swap designs amongst their classmates.

  2. The design will now appear in your My Designs tab and will credit the original creator.

  3. You can now edit the duplicate design however you wish.

Combine designs

  1. Open Shaper and click the Import button.

  2. Select "One of my own designs".

  3. Select the existing design you want to import into your new design.

  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to import as many designs as you need. You can then edit the designs and/or add new shapes alongside them to create more detailed designs with many components.

    TIP! A great extension is to add notes to the design to explain who made each component of the new design and explain their contribution to the project.

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