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About Notes

Makers Empire encourages students to think creatively, to push their ideas and express their imagination. We love seeing the diversity of solutions that students come up with. Sometimes they can be quite abstract, and it can be challenging to decipher the designers intent.

Notes give students the ability to highlight and explain specific parts of their designs. They can string together a series of notes to create a 'fly-by tour' of their creation and/or construct a narrative around their design.

This can give teachers immensely helpful, fast insights into their students' thought processes, and can help them confidently assess their students' work with a deeper understanding of what they're looking at.

To Add Notes:

  1. Click/tap the Notes tab (the smiley 'pin') in the Shaper editor.

  2. Click/tap the Add Note button.

  3. Click/tap on your design to 'pin' your first note.

  4. Click/tap on the text box to start typing your note. When you're finished writing, just click/tap anywhere outside the box.

    • To record an audio note click/tap on the Microphone button to start recording, then click/tap the Stop button when you're finished (teachers can disable audio recordings for their school if they wish).

    • To change the viewing angle of your note, click/tap the Spin Pin button to reposition your note, then click/tap the same button again to 'lock' the angle you want. You can use this feature to really focus on specific parts of your design.

    • To edit your note, click/tap the Edit button (pencil icon).

    • To delete your note, click/tap the Delete button (bin icon).

  5. Repeat the process to add as many notes as you need.

To View/Play Notes:

  1. Click/tap on a note in the right panel to see that part of the design.


  2. Click/tap the Play button to begin the Notes 'tour'.

    You can use the controls on the bottom right to pause, skip forward/back or stop the tour.

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