Your avatar (hero / character / little guy) in Makers Empire 3D can be customised with literally infinite combinations of body parts, outfits and accessories. 


  1. Click on the Me tab.

2. Click anywhere on your avatar to open the Avatar Editor.

3. Click on an avatar part e.g. mouth, or choose the corresponding tab to the right, customise that part.

4. There are three ways to change avatar parts: A. swap parts, B. create parts & C. buy parts.

4a. TO SWAP EXISTING AVATAR PARTS simply click on any of the parts in your parts drawer and click Finish when you're finished choosing.

4b. TO CREATE NEW AVATAR PARTS, click the green add new (+) button and use the Shaper tools to create original 3D parts. You create and edit Outfits using a 2D drawing tool; simply pick your pen shape, size and colour from the menu on the right and sketch away.

*HINT: You can click the view button on the bottom left to view/hide x-ray views of your other Hero parts.

4c. TO BUY MORE AVATAR PARTS, click the shopping cart button and browse through all the great designs created by our community. "Buying" parts uses in-app reward tokens, not real money.

*NOTE: You can also edit your designs by clicking the edit (pencil) button, and you can use the duplicate (double rocket) button to create multiple variations of your design.

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