There are a few ways for students to earn tokens:

  • From teachers! Teachers can give tokens to students from the Class Management section of the Teacher Dashboard. Just select the student(s) and choose Give tokens from the Actions menu. This can be a powerful motivator!

  • When they Level Up, which happens when the student gets enough points to reach the next level - the student gets 3 tokens each level. See below for more info on points.

  • Completing a Training Lab or Daily Challenge that has a token reward - most have points rewards but some have token rewards.

  • Completing curriculum-aligned challenges in Challenge Central and having it assessed by their teacher - rewards for Challenge Central challenges alternate between points and tokens - the teacher can also choose to award bonus tokens to the student when assessing their design in the Teachers Dashboard.

  • When another user buys one of their designs from the Gallery (if they have set a price for that design).

  • When another user buys one of their imported shapes from Shaper or created shapes in Blocker.

As mentioned above, students will Level Up when they get enough points.
Lots of activities in Makers Empire 3D give points - too many for a complete list. TODO list tasks guide the user through activities that give points.

Other areas of the app give points as well, such as liking and commenting on other people's designs, creating interesting designs that other people like and comment on, and doing challenges.

Basically, the more you interact with all aspects of the app, the more points you'll get.

This screen shows when leveling up:

The student will receive 3 tokens that can be used in the shop:

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