With Makers Empire's 3D software you or your students can start designing in 3D in seconds – no CAD or IT skills necessary! Makers Empire’s 3D was developed for  K-8 students and has been tested extensively by teachers and students.

Step 1. Explore the software

  1. Open the Training Lab module and try a few of the tutorials. This is the easiest way to get to know the different design modules. 

  2. Check out current designs in the Gallery.

  3. See this month's design competition in Competitions.

Step 2. Create your first design

  1. Go to the Create tab

  2. Open a design module: try Shaper, Blocker, Cogger, Toy Designer, Character or Doodler.  

  3. Start creating your very first 3D design. Get creative and have fun designing.

  4. Need inspiration? Check out Makers Empire's blog for how to guides, case studies, design challenges and thought leadership.

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