If your students use school or district-owned devices it is quite common for an admin, usually a tech/IT support person, to control and manage which apps are installed on those devices.

The good news is that it is not a technically difficult task to install Makers Empire 3D remotely on school-managed devices. The admin person will usually use an App Management System and can 'push' Makers Empire 3D to student devices in just a few minutes.

Delays are usually caused by school/district policies, not technical issues. If your school or district has policies that prevent apps from being installed on devices, please let us know at info@makersempire.com.

Makers Empire 3D is approved and used in many districts and education departments around the world, so there is a good chance that we already comply with your school or district's policies too.

The best way to expedite this process is for a teacher or school leader to write an email to their relevant school or district admin and introduce Makers Empire. Our tech team can get more details and together with your admin assess if Makers Empire 3D can be used in your school or district.

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