Single-user installation via Google Play

If your Chromebook is not managed by your organization or school, you can install Makers Empire 3D via Google Play. Just click this link to go to the installation page:

If the Android Google Play Store is not available on your device, you can enable Android apps by following the instructions here:

Google Admin Console installation for managed devices

Note: the Android Google Play Store was introduced to Chromebooks in 2016 - you will need a Chromebook newer than this with access to the Play Store to install Makers Empire 3D

If you can see the Play Store on your Chromebook, you may be able to install Makers Empire 3D by simply searching the store and choosing to install the application.

If you can't see the Play Store or cannot find Makers Empire 3D within the store, then your IT administrator will need to make sure Android app support is enabled and add Makers Empire 3D as an approved app by following the instructions here:

See some screenshots of this process below.

1) In Device management > Chrome Management > Android application settings, turn on Enable Android applications for your domain

2) In Device management > Chrome Management > User Settings > Android applications, set Android applications on Chrome Devices to Allow, and choose your preferred setting for File System Migration and Access to Android applications

3) In Device management > Chrome Management > App Management, add Makers Empire 3D as an Approved app by selecting Android Apps in App Type and pressing the plus button in the bottom right and searching for Makers Empire

4) After approving the app, press on it in the list to configure the settings. If you turn on Force installation and Pin to taskbar, Makers Empire 3D will automatically appear on the bottom bar of the Chromebook screen when logged in.

5) Chromebook users may need to log out and back in for the changes to take effect.

Older Chromebooks

If you have an older Chromebook and you can't find the Play Store, check this list of compatible devices:

If your Chromebook is listed and the Status is Stable Channel it should be possible to run Makers Empire 3D. Make sure your Chromebook device is up to date. See

If the Status is listed as Beta Channel, it may be possible to run Makers Empire 3D but you will need to switch your device to the Beta Channel. See

Installation issues due to URLs blocked by your proxy server

Sometimes, school networks have proxy servers that interfere with Google's app installation process. If this is affecting you, your app installations may be blocked or appear to freeze. This can be due to the proxy server blocking access to specific Google URLs.

If Google Play appears to be working but you are experiencing problems with the app download, try adding the following URLs to your proxy whitelist:


Note these are not specific to Makers Empire 3D - many app installations from the Play Store would require access to these URLs.

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