Logging in with a QR code is useful for younger students and classes with mixed literacy levels. Individual QR codes print outs are a great resource to send home to parents.

To find, print and download your individual QR code:

1. Log in to the Teachers Dashboard and go to Class Management > Classes.

2. Select your class and use the check boxes to select the students for whom you want to get an Individual QR code.

3. Click the Actions menu and select Student Login Poster from the options.

4. Your Individual QR codes will open in a new browser tab.

5. To print or save your QR code, go to File > Print in your browser (Ctrl + P on PC , Command + P on Mac).

Click on the Printer options (PC) or Destinations (Mac) drop down menu and choose your printer or Save to PDF from the options.

*NOTE: Make sure you select Background Graphics: ON in More settings

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