What is a Class Code?
The Class Code is used when creating new accounts.

What is a Class QR Code?
The Class QR Code is a unique visual code which students can scan with their device to quickly access the Class Login page.

What is a Class Password?
Each Class also has a shared username and password which can be used to access the Class Login page on devices which do not have a camera.

The Class Login option is an easy way for younger students and/or classes with lower literacy levels to log in to the Makers Empire 3D app.

The trade-off is that it is less secure than an Individual Login as every student could login to any other account from the same class.

If you find your students are logging in to other student's accounts and using them inappropriately in any way, it is probably best to switch to Individual Login, and reset your Class Password.

To reset the Class Password, find your class in Class Management > Classes. Click the drop down menu and select Regenerate Class Code.

This will create a new Class Code, Class QR code, and Class Username & Password.

PLEASE NOTE: Old codes will no longer work, so you may need to re-print your Class Login Poster

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