To help your students manage their login details, you can download Login Cards or a Username & Password list in your Teacher Dashboard.

1. Log in to the Teacher Dashboard. Go to Class Management > Classes and select your class.

2. Click the more options (three dots) menu to the right of your class' name and select either Print Login Cards or Username & Password List.

Print Login Cards will open a PDF which you can print out, then cut out each student's details and give them their card to keep themselves.

This will make logging in to Makers Empire in class and at home much easier and should reduce instances of students creating multiple accounts.

We strongly encourage students to keep using Makers Empire at home. Using the one account at school and home makes managing their work much easier for teachers.

Username & Password List will generate a class list, including; Username, Password and Real Name. Keep this information secure, as you would any document which includes a student's name.

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