Creating an account with the Makers Empire 3D app is, by design, very easy for students.

If you don't want your students to be able to create their own accounts on your school's account, just follow these simple steps:

1. Login to your Teacher Dashboard

2. Click the Settings (cog) icon on the top right of screen

3. Choose Sharing & Integrations

4. Select the tick box "Require a class code for students to create an account at your school"

By default, when a student creates a new account on a school network which we recognise from past student logins, we ask them "We guess you're using Makers Empire at (school name). Is that right?". If the student chooses Yes, they can then choose which class they belong to from a drop down list.

When you choose to block the suggestion function, students will no longer see this question at all, and they will need to use a Class Code to join the correct class.

5. To prevent students from re-using or sharing your Class Code, go to Class Management > Classes, select your class, click on the small dropdown arrow on the right and choose Regenerate Class Code. This will create a new Class Code which only you know. Any students who try to use your previous Class Codes will not be able to join your class.

If you try these steps and you're still having trouble with student accounts, please contact us at for more help.

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