No one likes doing admin any more than necessary. Getting your class rosters/lists set up correctly to begin with can save you hours later on.

If you are a teacher using Google Classroom it takes only a couple of minutes to sync your class roster(s) with your Makers Empire Teacher Dashboard.

However, it is quite common for schools to use Google Classroom with middle and upper primary students (grades 3-6), but not with junior primary (R/F-2) students.

That's not a problem, you can set up a mix of Makers Empire logins for younger students and still use Google Classroom with others.

To sync a Google Classroom class follow this guide:

To create a new class and add students using Makers Empire, choose the option that best suits you:

There are two considerations you should be aware of:

1. Visibility

Teachers can see work from any student who is in any class that was created in Makers Empire.

By default, teachers can not see each other's class rosters in Google Classroom. To see students in a class created in Google Classroom by another teacher you will need to be added as a co-teacher in Google Classroom.

2. End of year rollover

If students move from a class created in Makers Empire to a class created in Google Classroom, teachers can merge their Makers Empire account into a Google Classroom account and all their work and progress will be saved. There are a four steps:

A. Create your class roster(s) in Google Classroom.

B. Log in to your Makers Empire Teacher Dashboard and sync your Google Classroom class(es).
C. Have your students log in to the Makers Empire 3D app at least once using their new Google login details to complete the sync process.
D. In the Teacher Dashboard, find your students original account, click more options (the "•••" icon) and select Merge. Follow the prompts to find the new account you want to keep and the old account you want to merge (remove).

If you still need a hand figuring out the best way to set up your classes in Makers Empire, you can get in touch with our team at

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