IMPORTANT NOTE: To ensure your students sync with your Google Classroom you will need to create your classes in your Google Classroom account first (not in Makers Empire).

  1. Go to the Teachers Dashboard at www.makersempire.com  and choose Google Classroom. Log in with your google classroom details 

3) It may prompt you for a product key. If that does happen and you don't have yours, you can get it from your administrator or email us at Info@makersempire.com and we can provide it to you.

4) View your google classroom in the teachers dashboard by following the steps on the image below.

5) If you have created multiple classes in google classroom you may need to provide your students with a class code. This will associate your student with the right class. To find your classcode follow the directions on the image:


  1. If you have multiple classes in google classroom, provide your students with the classcode from step 5 above. 
  2. Have your STUDENTS go to the 3D Design App and click "Log in"

2) Click the Google Icon it will redirect you to google classroom login - enter in details 

3) You should be redirected back to the app and it should also log you in. If it doesn't just go back to the app. It will then confirm your school name and it may ask for a classcode.

4) Once your students have logged in, you can double check to see that they are sync in the teachers dashboard by logging into the teachers dashboard at www.makersempire.com and repeating step #4 from teachers login.

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