1. You will need to create a class and get a classcode in the teacher's dashboard. By providing that code to your students they will sync their account to the correct class. To do that go to the teacher's dashboard www.makersempire.com 

  2. Follow the steps in the image below. "Class Management" "Classes", "Add a class", Click the class name to see the classcode.


Go to the app, if you haven't downloaded it yet you can do so here:https://www.makersempire.com/download/  or go to your app store and search for Makers Empire.

  1. Go to the app and click "New" Make a new account 

2. Students will be guided through a series of steps and be asked to enter in the information. See below screenshots ( we update the app often so don't be alarmed if something looks slightly different)

3. This is where your students will enter in the classcode you provided.

You should now see all your students in the teacher's dashboard: 

To learn how to use the app and help your students navigate through it, check out this article:  http://help.makersempire.com/teaching-3d-design-and-printing-with-makers-empire/navigating-the-3d-design-app

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