How do I activate Google Classroom sync?

All you need to do is login with your Google account on the login screen:

How do I reset/revoke/change authorized permissions to Makers Empire in my Google Settings?

You can visit your Google permissions settings here:

Can I choose which Google Classroom classes get synced to Makers Empire?

Yes, when you go to the Classes page, none of your classes will be synced by default. You can then easily select which classes you would like to sync.

Do all teachers in my school see the same Google Classroom classes?

Each teacher will only see the classes and students that they have permission to see in Google Classroom. Makers Empire respects those permissions and only shows you what you have access to.

Do I have to give permissions to student emails, class rosters, and classes?

No you don't, but if you want the class/student synchronization to work correctly and to save lots of time managing accounts, then you will need to allow these permissions.

I receive the message 'Google Classroom is not integrated correctly'. What does this mean?

This usually means that you have not given Makers Empire the required access to your Google Account. If we don't have access to student and class information, we cannot do synchronization from Google Classroom to Makers Empire.

If you would to give access, please try again via this link.

Can you give me a demonstration of how the Google Classroom integration works?

A video and more information available here:

How can I use Makers Empire with Google Classroom?

When does Makers Empire synchronize my students and classes?

We synchronize when you log in to the Teacher Dashboard or when you click the Sync button on the Classes page.

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