Installation via command line
The proxy settings can be made during install with a command line option if installing using msiexec like this:

$>msiexec /i MakersEmpire3D.msi PROXY_HOST= PROXY_USERNAME=admin PROXY_PASSWORD=pass

You can specify the region to be used by adding (for example)

You can also specify extra command line parameters to supply to the app when starting. For example, you can disable the integrated web view (which some older hardware has issues with) by specifying

Installation via group policy etc
If you use the group policy system to install remotely it may be easier for you to specify these settings in a transform. You can do this with Orca (download from here). 

  1. Open the .msi with ORCA, and click Registry on the left section of the screen. 

2) Start recording your transform with Transform->New Transform: 

3) Set the values you need, e.g. Simple (or Fastest) in ForceGraphicsQuality and your proxy details in ProxyHost, ProxyUsername, and ProxyPassword 

4) Specify any extra launch flags you need in both lines in Shortcut (-force-d3d9 or -no-webview)

5) Save your transform with Transform->Generate Transform:

6) Choose a location to save the .mst file and use it with your group policy deployment etc. 

Configuration after installation

The proxy settings can be found in the Registry at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Makers Empire\Makers Empire 3D

Alternatively, proxy details can be specified in a text file located at:


(Note: ProgramData is a hidden folder so you need to type it into the top bar in the Windows File Explorer)

Here's an example format for that file (for NSW DET schools):

Command line options such as -no-webview can be specified by creating a new shortcut:

  1. navigate to the installation location:

2. Right click and create a new shortcut:

3. Right click on the shortcut file and edit the target section to include the extra options (include the logfile one if you want to keep the standard log behaviour). E.g. 

"C:\ProgramData\MakersEmpire3D\MakersEmpire3D.exe" -logfile C:\Users\Roland\AppData\Local\MakersEmpire.log -no-webview

4. Double click the shortcut file to launch the app. If it works as desired, replace the standard shortcut with your version in the start menu. You can find the location of your existing shortcut by searching for it in the start menu then right clicking and choosing Open file location:

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