The usual way to install Makers Empire 3D is to download and run the installer file from

To download, just click on the link above. When it has finished downloading you can click on it to install. This process differs slightly on different web browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Internet Explorer. If you have any trouble, try right-clicking on the link and choosing 'Save link as...' and then double-clicking the file when it has downloaded.

NOTE: you must have administrator access on the Windows computer to install. If you don't have the password for an administrator-level account on the machine, you'll need to ask your IT technician.

Installation on multiple computers at once

If you want to install on multiple computers in a computer lab, your IT technician will likely have a process for doing this and can use the same installer file. We have seen schools use Microsoft's Group Policy system or custom scripts to achieve this.

Automatic updating

Once installed, the Makers Empire 3D application will automatically keep up to date with the latest version. This happens while the app is running and doesn't require any actions from the user or an administrator account. You will see a notification in the bottom left about the new version, and can just restart Makers Empire 3D when it says the installation is complete.

NSW Software Catalogue

If you are at a public school in NSW Australia, you can make a request to the department to make Makers Empire 3D appear in the NSW Software Catalogue.

Note that automatic updates are disabled when installing via this method.

Any problems or questions?

If you encounter any problems or have questions, please let us know by clicking the message icon in the bottom right of this page.

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