The first time a new user signs in to the Makers Empire 3D app, they will be directed into the Training Lab to complete the Basic Training course.

Basic Training consists of 13 tutorials that are designed to teach the basic tools and techniques required to start using Makers Empire 3D:

  1. Create your avatar.
    Make a simple avatar - that's a 3D character that represents the user in Makers Empire 3D. Choose some hair at the very least, or choose a whole outfit and look if you want to.

  2. Where's my candy?
    Learn to rotate your view.

  3. Happy banana
    Learn to zoom in, zoom out, and reset your view.

  4. Fancy shapes
    Learn to pan your view

  5. Catch the rabbit
    Test your new skills; rotate, zoom and pan to find and photograph the rabbit.
    You only need one photograph to pass, but you can keep trying to beat your best score.

  6. Make a tower (Shaper)
    Learn how to add shapes, clear all the shapes and undo mistakes.

  7. Your favourite colours (Shaper)
    Learn to change colours to make a beautiful flower.

  8. Beard maker (Blocker)
    Learn to use Add Block and Add Box (a group of blocks) to block head's face.

  9. Open a present (Blocker)
    Learn to use Delete Block and Delete Box to reveal the hidden present.

  10. Spooky Painting (Blocker)
    Learn to use Colour Block, Colour Box and Colour Volume to change the colours in your blocky masterpiece.

  11. Fish out of water (Shaper)
    Learn to move shapes around in 3D space.

  12. Grow your hair (Shaper)
    Learn to use Resize and Free Resize to change the scale of shapes.

  13. Bug catcher (Shaper)
    Practise zoom and rotate view. Learn to open the menu and use the Delete shape tool to get rid of all the bugs on the dog.

    Once you've completed Basic Training, click the present to get some bonus tokens!

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