Important Note: The Import STL feature will be removed from Makers Empire 3D in version 4.8.0

To import an STL file, press the button with the open folder with arrow on the right of the Shaper editor screen:

Then choose your stl file - it will upload to our servers:

Then you'll get a notification that we are processing it:

After a few minutes, another notification will appear that indicates that your stl has been processed and is ready to be set up:

Click this notification and a window will show that allows you to scale and rotate your shape, as well as set the title, description and cost. The picture on the left will show in the shape grid on the right when complete, so make sure it shows the shape clearly.

After completing the steps, you'll notice a 'NEW' badge appears on the shape packs button:

Press this and choose IM:

Your shape can now be selected and added to your design:

Please let us know if you have any feedback on this process. We hope to streamline it in the near future.

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