It is usually no longer necessary to specify proxy authentication details when using the latest version of Makers Empire 3D (from version

The app should now connect successfully on internet connections that go through a proxy server, without requiring any authentication details to be supplied.

If you are having trouble connecting on a Windows device, please make sure you have the latest version from and contact us if the problem continues.

How to manually specify proxy details (Note: required for schools in QLD, Australia)

If your proxy requires authentication and the credentials are not stored in your operating system settings, you will need to specify them to Makers Empire 3D manually.

This can be done by entering the details into a file named webpipeconfig.txt at C:\ProgramData\MakersEmpire3D

To do this:

  1. Install Makers Empire 3D then open the windows file explorer and go to C:\ProgramData\MakersEmpire3D.

    NOTE: ProgramData is a hidden folder so you need to type it into the top bar in the file explorer.

  2. You should see a file called proxycfg.txt. Rename it to webpipeconfig.txt.

  3. Edit this file and remove all the existing text then enter your details, similar to:

  4. Copy the file to a USB stick or network drive and put it in the same location on all computers.

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