You may have noticed that the nozzles that came with your Adventurer 4 printer have some different numbers on them. These refer to two things: the width of the plastic that comes out, and the maximum temperature it can reach. Below you'll see a description of the impact of both of these things.

Please note that changing nozzles will require use of the 'Change Nozzle' function in the 'Maintain' menu. You can find instructions on changing the nozzle here: Coming Soon

Nozzle Size

The first of the differences is the nozzle size; the physical diameter of the nozzle, and the size of the plastic coming out of the nozzle. By using a smaller diameter, such as 0.3mm, you'll be able to print smaller items with more detail. If you opt for the 0.6mm nozzle, you'll be able to print larger prints faster, with slightly less detail.

Note: Different nozzle sizes are marked on the side of the nozzle.

Nozzle Temperature

The second difference is the nozzle temperature; the ability to reach higher temperatures, in order to use more exotic filaments. Normal nozzles can print materials such as PLA with no issue, as they are made for a lower temperature range. For more exotic filaments, they may require a higher temperature range in comparison to PLA.

Note: Different nozzle temperatures are marked on the side of the nozzle.

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