Please take care and read each step fully before viewing the photos and animations that accompany them.

What you will need:

  • Scissors and/or side cutters

  • Floor space at least the size of the package itself

  • Stable surface to place the printer on once removed from packaging.

Step 1:

Cut open the box, and remove the filament roll, power cable, tools and paperwork from the box. Then remove the top foam piece

Step 2:

With the help of a second person, reach into both sides of the box, and slowly lift the printer out from the bottom. Then place it on a sturdy surface.

Step 3:

Remove the bag from around the printer, then begin removing the blue packaging tape and protective film. Then you can open the front door and remove the two blocks of foam from inside.

Step 4:

Unpack the power cord, and plug the printer in. Then switch it ON.

Step 5:

The first step we must take is to calibrate the printer. To do this tap 'Maintain' > 'Calibration' and allow the printer to set up for this task.

Step 6:

Place the included Calibration Card, under the printers nozzle, and tap the '-' icon until you feel friction on the card. Once you feel friction tap 'Done'. If you are prompted to 'Complete 9-Point Levelling' please tap 'Ok'

Step 7:

Using the Calibration Card from the previous step, repeat Step 7 on each point until the sequence is finished.

***Photo Showing 9 Points***

Step 8:

Having finished calibrating the printer, it's now time to load the filament. Tap 'Prepare' > 'Filament' > 'Load'. Once the printer has reached the correct temperature, push the filament into the inlet, and tap 'Next'. The printer will then automatically feed filament into the machine.


Your Adventurer 4 3D printer is now ready to go! To send prints to the printer, you will need to use Flashprint 5 (Older versions need to be updated)

Instructions on using Flashprint 5 can be found here:

For a detailed review of the Adventurer 4's technical specifications and printing capabilities please visit:

To purchase the Adventurer 4 3D Printer from Makers Empire please visit

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