Step 1.

We will begin by removing any filament that may already be loaded in the printer. Tap 'Prepare' > 'Filament' > 'Change'. Once the printer has reached the correct temperature, it will withdraw all the filament that is currently loaded. Be ready to remove the roll, and tie it off at the end.

Note: If there is no filament already loaded, you may click 'Load' instead of 'Change'

Step 2.

Next, you need to unhook your new filament, and cut off any crooked pieces from the end. Then place the roll inside the printer, and feed the filament into the extruder following the yellow arrow. Tap 'Next' on screen, and apply slight pressure to the filament, ensuring the extruder has gripped it.

Step 3.

Wait for the new colour to start extruding from the nozzle, and tap 'Complete' when the old colour has been flushed out.

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