How to Embed 3D Images into a Presentation

Login to the Teacher Dashboard and then find your selected image.

Once you have found it, click on ‘download GLB’:

To add a 3D model:

- click insert in the top menu

- click 3D models

- click and drag the arrow icon on the centre of your 3D model to adjust the angle

To animate the 3D model:

- click animations in the top menu

- choose a 3D animation (the yellow icons) to preview

To delete the Makers Empire 3D logo:

- click on the 3D logo

- click "Delete" on your keyboard

Here are some power point slides with instructions that you can use to insert your students' 3D designs or give it to them to insert!

How to Embed 3D Images into a Website

You can also embed 3D images into your school website as we have done above.

To do this, visit the Makers Empire Gallery and search for your selected design by its name by using the search bar.

Once you’ve found your design, click on it and then click on the ‘share’ icon found at the bottom left of the design.

Then click on the </> icon on the far right of the popup. This will let you copy the embed code.

Paste this embed code into your website as you would usually do.

If you are using Elementor on a WordPress website, as we are, this means inserting the code into your site using the HTML element.

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