Using your Clever account to login to Makers Empire will save a lot of time for teachers and students. For teachers, your classes and students will be automatically loaded from Clever, and for students, they won't need to remember another password because they can use their Clever credentials or badge to quickly sign in.

Instructions for teachers to access the admin dashboard

To get started, search for Makers Empire in the Clever Library or simply visit our page here:

If you click the Try it out or Install button, you will be asked to allow Makers Empire to synchronize your class and student information.

After you click Allow and continue, you will progress to the Makers Empire dashboard. Then you will be asked for a Product Key.

If your school has purchased Makers Empire, you can simply enter your Product Key or request access from other teachers at the school.

If you haven't used Makers Empire before, you can start a Free Trial which will give you a fully-featured experience of our software without requiring a credit card or payment.

Once you continue through to our dashboard, you can visit our Classes page where you should see your classes loaded from Clever:

You can easily select classes from Clever to synchronize with Makers Empire. Once you have 'starred' a class, you will see the student information for that class.

Instructions for students in the App

Once you have installed the Makers Empire software onto your devices, you can instruct your students to login via the blue Sign in with Clever option on the first screen:

They will then be prompted to enter their credentials or scan their Clever badge for an even quicker login:

Please see Clever's documentation about adding applications for more information.

Students do not have access to browse resources in Clever Library. However, they will see any Library resources you made visible to them in your Teacher Page in Clever.

More information about this here.

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