The Makers Empire School Subscription is designed for grades K-8, and includes:

• World's easiest to use 3D design software
• 150+ Curriculum-aligned lesson plans
• Professional Development
• Easy class management using the Teachers Dashboard
• Built-in assessment tools, and
• Unparalleled support

With Makers Empire, K-8 educators learn how to teach Design Thinking, cover Design and Technologies Curriculum and embrace maker pedagogy using 3D design and printing. The Makers Empire School Subscription is designed to make school wide implementation easy and cost effective.

In selected countries we offer a single class plan, which allows for 2 teachers and up to 30 students.

To learn more about Makers Empire, you can watch the video tours here:

You might like to try a free trial of Makers Empire to see how it might be used at your school:

If you think this is a solution your school would like to invest in, you can request a quote here:

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