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There are two types of classes in the Teachers Dashboard: Home and Extra.

Home Class
All Makers Empire users must be assigned to one Home class. A Home class is typically a student's home room, e.g. Room 5 or Ms. Apple's Class.

If your students create new accounts in Makers Empire 3D by themselves, they will select their Home class as part of the new account process.

If you create accounts for your students in the Teachers Dashboard, they will already be in their Home class.

Extra Classes
Students can also be assigned to multiple Extra classes. These can be specialist subjects, e.g. Art & Design class, Tech class, or extra-curricular classes e.g. STEM club or Lunchtime Computer Club.

These Extra classes are only visible in the Teacher's Dashboard, i.e. students do not see them in Makers Empire 3D.

Using Extra classes makes it make easier for teachers of these extra classes to find all of their group members in one place, rather than searching class by class e.g. Ms. Ball runs a lunch time STEM club with students from several different Home classes, to find their work she can simply search in "Stem club".


1. Log in to the Teachers Dashboard and go to Class Management > Classes.

2. Click the + Add a Class button. 

3. Give your new class a name and note the grade level(s) if applicable. Use the radio button (circle) to select Extra. Assign the primary teacher for this class, then click Save.


1. Log in to the Teachers Dashboard and go to Class Management > Classes.

2. Use the tick boxes to select the students you wish to add to your extra class.

3. Click the Bulk Actions dropdown menu then the Change Class option:

4. Add the students to your Extra classes (note you must have created and starred Extra classes)

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