The QR Code is Ideal for younger students K-2
as it eliminates the step of students having to enter in a username and password. It also makes it easy on the teacher as the only thing they need to do is create a class and print the QR code. 

It's important to note that when using this method, students will be able to see and login to each other accounts and also create multiple accounts.  See the last "Step 6" below for image. This is usually ok for younger students but may be a problem for older ones. 


  1. Go to the Teachers Dashboard at 
  2. Create a class - on the left hand column click "Class Management" then "Classes" on the light red bar it will say "Add a class" create your class. (see below image)
  3. Click on the class you created and to the right you will see a tiny arrow, once you click that a drop down will appear, click Class QR Code. 

4) Once you click on QR Code the QR code will pop up, print copies for your students.


  1. Go to the 3D Design App and have your students click "Log In"

2. Then click on QR Code  

3. It will automatically open up the camera to scan the Code. Once the camera gets activated, have your students position the QR Code Print out in front of the camera.

4. Then you will arrive at this screen, click "add student"

5. Your student will enter a name

6) Each time a student wants to login all they need to do is scan the QR Code. This is an example of what it will look like once accounts have been created and every time your student's login.

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