We recommend you do this during the first class. And there are a few options you can use. Options 1 and 2 are the most commonly used options.  

1. If you use Google Classroom
You can login with that account and it will auto populate the classes with students names and the students can use their Google Classroom accounts to login. Instruction for how to do that are here.  

2. Students can add themselves to a class you create using the 'Class Code'. [most recommended]
When students open the Makers Empire App for the first time they will select 'new account' then they will walk through 2 very simple tutorials that will lead them to a page where they will enter their 'Class Code'. The 'Class Code' is written in the Teacher's Dashboard underneath the name of the class. See image below. This is what we recommend most often. 

3. Your students create their accounts using a class QR code

a. In the Teacher's Dashboard, select a class and click on the pencil/edit icon.
b. Select 'Use QR code to login'.
c. The QR code for that class will appear on your screen. Print it out for your class.
d. When students first open the app, the screen where they have the option to create a new account, will have an option to login via QR code. They can scan the QR and get logged in.  

4. You can add students using a csv file.
If you don't think you students will be able to add themselves then adding the students in bulk via a csv file is the easiest way you can do it for them. See below for instructions. 

a. Next to the class you want to add students to there is an arrow. Click on it. 

b. Then select csv import

c. Then upload a csv file of the students you want to add to the class - being sure to use the formatting that is found in the sample csv file 

You can print out username and passwords for yout students.
It's also good to note that you can print out small cards for your students that has their username and password on it. 

To do this:
Go to "Classes" in the Teachers Dashboard - Click on the drop down arrow on the desired class
Click  "Username List"


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