These instructions are for loading filament into an empty printer. If you want to change filament instead, please follow these instructions: Coming Soon

Step 1:

To begin, you first need to remove the filament holder from the back of the printer. grip onto the filament holder, and pull the small lever to release it. Then lift it vertically out of the printer.

Step 2:

If the black tube has been disconnected from the filament holder, you should re-insert it now. Simply insert the filament tube into the top of the filament holder and push it firmly into the black holder. From now on, you shouldn't have to remove the filament tube.

Step 3:

Take your filament and cut neatly along the top edge of the bag. NOTE: Keep the bag and silica gel packet, as you can use it to store the filament away when not in use for more than a week. Alternatively, you can use large zip-lock bags to store filament safely.

Step 4:

Unhook the filament from the edge of the roll and DO NOT let go of the end until you've installed it into the filament holder. Cut off any crooked pieces of filament, and feed the straight end into the filament tube from the inside of the filament holder. Once you see filament come out of the end of the tube, you can slot the filament roll into the filament holder itself.

Step 5:

Slide the filament holder vertically back into the printer.

Step 6:

Now, from the Main Menu, navigate 'Tools' > 'Filament' > 'Load'.

Step 7:

The screen will then tell you that it's heating up. At this point you should grip the end of the filament protruding from the filament tube. Once you hear a beep and get a prompt saying to insert the filament, firmly push the filament into the top of the extruder until you feel the motor grip it and slowly pull it in. At this point you can let go and the printer will continue feeding the plastic. Once you see filament of your chosen colour coming out of the nozzle, you can click 'Done' and it will stop feeding it through. After 5-10 minutes, the nozzle will have cooled and you can remove the filament that has come out of the nozzle. 

NOTE: If you hear a thudding sound, apply pressure to the filament and it should work it's way through the nozzle. If not, email us at and Luke will help you through the issue.

Congratulations, you've just finished loading filament into the Inventor IIS. Your printer is now ready to print. 

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