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• What is Augmented Reality (AR)?

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What is Augmented Reality (AR)?

AR is a technology that allows users to place digital objects in a real-world environment.

AR is different from VR (Virtual Reality), where everything is digital/virtual.

What device/equipment do I need to use AR?

Firstly, you need a device with a camera. AR works best on a tablet or phone (being able to move freely helps a lot).

Most devices made in the last few years support AR. You can find a full list of supported devices here.

*If you have a device with a camera but it doesn't support AR, Makers Empire 3D has a 'backup mode' that allows users to place a design over a live image, but it doesn't detect surfaces and 'snap' to the surface.

Using AR - Basic guide

  1. Open an existing design in My Designs, or click Create > Shaper to make a new design.

  2. Select the AR tab on the right.

  3. Set the switch to ON (top right).

  4. Point your device at a flat surface* and move it around slowly.

  5. Once a surface is detected, a grid will appear. Click/tap on the grid to position your design.

  6. Use the Size and Rotate dials to adjust the size and angle of your design.

  7. Press the Scan button if you want to put your design on a different surface.

  8. Press the Freeze button to pause the live camera feed if you want to.

  9. Press the Camera button to take a photo of your AR scene and share or save it.

Using AR - Advanced guide

Once you have followed the Basic guide to place a design in AR, you can reposition it and/or continue to edit the design.

  1. The default mode is Position mode (as indicated by the icon on the top right of your view area). While in Position mode you can reposition your design relative to the AR surface*.

  2. To swap to Edit mode, click the Position/Edit mode button.

  3. Once in Edit mode, you can use all the basic transform tools to move, rotate, resize, cut, copy etc.

  4. You can also click the Tools tab if you want to add more shapes and/or change colours. Click the AR tab again when you're done.

*While in Position mode you are actually moving the entire work platform (not individual shapes) relative to the AR surface, i.e. if you had a group of shapes with coordinates X=0, Y=0, Z=0, regardless of how far you reposition your design the coordinates will still be X=0, Y=0, Z=0.

In Edit mode, you are moving the shapes relative to the work platform, i.e. if you had a group of shapes with coordinates X=0, Y=0, Z=0 and moved them -10mm on the X-axis and +20mm on the Z-axis, the coordinates would change to X=-10, Y=0, Z=20.

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