You can download Flashprint 5 from here:

Step One - Setting up Flashprint 5

When you first open Flashprint 5 after installation, it will ask you to select which printer you are using. Note: this can be changed at any time, by clicking the white button in the bottom left.

Step Two - Loading student designs

To load the STL files from Makers Empire, simply click 'File' > 'Load file' and select the design you'd like to print. Note: You can print multiples by selecting multiple designs at this point.

Step Three - Adding supports

The next thing to do is to add support material to the designs, to hold them up while printing. You can do this by clicking the 'Supports' button. Then click 'Auto Supports' and Flashprint will automatically add them. Then click 'Back'

Step Four - Start Slicing

To begin the slicing process you can click the 'Start Slicing' button at the top of the screen. You should be presented with a basic overview of choices on how your 3D print will be created. Note: you can access the 'Expert' menu by clicking 'Expert Mode'

Step Five - Previewing your sliced model

If you want to preview your sliced model and check the print time and filament usage, you can click on 'Slice Preview'. In the top right you will see the estimated print time, followed by the estimated material usage. You can also see the entirely sliced design in the centre.

Step Six - Transfer your print file to the printer (Using USB cord or USB Stick)

The final step in this process is to transfer your print file to the printer. If you click 'Local Save' you'll get two options

  1. Save to Local - save to the USB stick, and transfer to the printer

  2. Send to Printer - directly send the print file to the printer via the USB cord

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