Regardless of which brand or model of 3D printer you have, they can all benefit from a carefully considered position in the classroom or school. These points shouldn't prevent you from using your printer, but they'll make for a tip-top printing experience.

Things to avoid:

Open windows or doors

3D printers work best if the air inside them stays at a constant temperature. Because of this, open windows or doors can let colder or warmer air rush past the printer, and it can suck out the warmth from within the printer.

Air conditioning vents

Similar to the point above, if an air conditioning vent is pointed towards the printer, it can blast cold or warm air past it and suck out the air from within the printer. There should be no issue with having a printer in an air conditioned room, but try to avoid the vents if possible.

Unstable surfaces

Stable surfaces are crucial for good print results. If you have a wobbly or unstable surface the printer will rock back and forth which can hamper it's print quality. We recommend putting 3D printers on some sort of stable surface such as large tables or built-in desks. If you're looking at getting a mobile cart for your 3D printer, make sure it's sturdy enough to not wobble when printing.

Things to look for:

Stable temperatures

When considering a room, think about how stable the temperature is. Does it get very cold, or very hot in weather? Printers work best in rooms that are stable in temperature without the need for air conditioning.

Good visibility

Visibility of the 3D printer can be really beneficial in making sure things work correctly. Sometimes things won't go according to plan, and being able to quickly identify issues and correct them is important.

Access around the printer

Access to different sides of the printer can be crucial for transferring files from a USB stick, loading and unloading filament, and any general maintenance you might need to do. If you're building any type of in-set cupboard or rangehood for a 3D printer, first consider the size of the printer plus room needed to remove lids, insert USB sticks, access power switches etc.

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