The default size of the Blocker workspace is 40mm.

You might notice that the platform is a 40 x 40 grid, i.e. 1 block = 1mm. Easy, right?

But what if you want to print a Blocker design bigger than 40mm? You can resize your design using your 3D printer's software, but you'll lose the handy 1:1 ration.

To create a bigger Blocker design in Makers Empire 3D:

1. In Blocker, click the Workspace tab.

2. You can turn the Ruler on if you want to see the exact dimension of your design. 

3. To increase the size fo the work area, simply enter your desired X and Y size (length and width), in millimetres.

Please note:
• The maximum workspace is 150 x 150mm, which is about the size of a small 3D printer's print plate.
• The Z value (height) is currently locked at 40mm, but we will make this editable in an upcoming update to the Makers Empire 3D app.
• Your new platform size will now be your default size for your future Blocker designs. To revert back to 40mm or any other size, just follow these same steps.

4. You can now make your design bigger!

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