There are three main options we recommend for schools in terms of making 3D prints of students' work:

A: School uses its existing 3D printer(s)

If your school already has 3D printers, all you need to do is familiarise yourself with its proprietory 3D print control software. Refer to your printer’s manual to learn how to install the software and print your STL files.

Makers Empire sells high quality 3D printing filament at competitive prices. For details, email us at (online shop coming soon!)

B: School purchases a new 3D printer or printers

Makers Empire offers a number of 3D printing hardware solutions for K-8 schools. We only sell printers and filaments that we personally use and recommend.

For details, email us at (online shop coming soon!)

C: School uses Makers Empire's MakeShop print service

MakeShop allows schools to order either full-colour professional quality 3D prints or single-colour PLA prints.

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