Removing the print from an Adventurer 4 is easy, thanks to it's flexible magnetic print bed!

Step 1.

You will notice that the print bed has three blue handles on the front and both sides. Once print bed has cooled down, you can lift these handles firmly and release the print bed. Note: The magnet is quite strong so initially it will be quite firmly attached to the platform.

Step 2.

To remove the print from the print bed, you may flex the bed from several angles, in order to separate the base of your print.

Note: If flexing the bed doesn't work, you may need to use the included scraper to work your way underneath the print.

Step 3.

once you have cleaned off any residual material from the platform, you may put the platform back into the printer. The best way to do this is to hold the platform at an angle, ensure the back corners are in the correct place. You can then gently lower the print bed, and it should snap down into place.

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