Here you will find the relevant information for BOCES to support your school customers in their procurement of Makers Empire School Subscription, through your BOCES/RIC via the NYSITCC Master License and Service Agreement.


Key information

1. Contract Number: ITCC-054-2021

(Past contract number: ITCC-054-2020)

2. What is the product under the contract?

Makers Empire School Subscription – annual school subscription site license

3. Request for quote
(e.g. a school customer requests a quote from you their BOCES/RIC. Use this form for your BOCES/RIC quote for Makers Empire)

We will ensure the special BOCES/RIC pricing is applied.)
a. BOCES/RIC please fill out Request for Quote form
b. Makers Empire will send BOCES/RIC quote
c. BOCES/RIC will send their own quote to school customer

4. Makers Empire site product key for BOCES/RIC internal use
(e.g each BOCES/RIC will be issued their own product key of Makers Empire for their own use for customer demonstration and staff training. Please fill out this form if you have not received one yet)
a. BOCES/RIC email and provide the name and email address of your team members
b. Makers Empire will send you your product key and ‘getting started’ email

5. BOCES/RIC Professional Development services for schools
Makers Empire understand that you, our BOCES/RIC partners, will deliver valued professional services to your school customers on the use of Makers Empire in their classrooms. As your partner, we will provide train-the-trainer training so your team can deliver pd leveraging on our expertise and IP.

6. Training for BOCES/RIC staff
Makers Empire will your team with train-the-trainer training led by our Director of Learning Improvement, Mandi Dimitriadis, and her team. Please be assured that for your first school customer(s) as part of the training, we can work together have one of consultants lead a two-hour pd via remote video call that your staff can shadow to gain the skills and knowledge required to deliver the pd.
a. BOCES/RIC email and provide the name and email address of your team members and some available dates/times for 2 hours
b. Makers Empire will contact you to organize training via remote video call


1. If a school is interested and wants to find out more information, what is the next step?
a. BOCES/RIC can contact us to arrange an online demo for the school or send more information email us at:
(The demo is not for training purposes, please contact us separately regarding training.)
b. BOCES/RIC Request a Quote from Makers Empire for your school customer: please fill out Request for Quote form
c. BOCES/RIC submit a PO to Makers Empire: send to
d. Makers Empire will issue a school site product key and send via email to the school via a ‘getting started’ email.
e. BOCES/RIC confirm date for PD for school as required

2. Apart from Makers Empire, what else will the school need?

The school will need:
a. 3D printer + consumables (3D printing filament)

3. On day 1, what will the school get?
The school will be sent a ‘getting started’ email with their product key as well as on-boarding information to guide them through the process.

4. Our BOCES/RIC is new to 3D printing, can we still service our schools now?
Absolutely – your school customers can start today! Just follow the steps above and issue a quote and we will work with you to look after your school customer.

5. Do I need any technical skills or sophisticated CAD/software design skills to use Makers Empire?
No. Makers Empire is very easy to use: the software can be used by children aged 5 and above.

6. Is Makers Empire compatible with all 3D printers?
Yes! Makers Empire design files are industry standard ‘STL’ file types that work with any 3D printer.

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