We recommend you do this during the first class. 

For younger students, we recommend that students create their own accounts using QR Code as passwords aren't required)

For older students, you can use either your QR code or your product key (students will need individuals passwords).

Option 1: your students create their accounts using a class QR code

  1. In the Teacher's Dashboard, select a class and click on the pencil/edit icon.
  2. Select 'Use QR code to login'.
  3. The QR code for that class will appear on your screen. Print it out for your class.
  4. Have your students scan the printed QR Code with their devices. They'll then be taken to a screen and given the option to create a new account. 

 Option 2: students create their own accounts using the school product key

  1. Create your class in the Teacher's Dashboard but don't create any student accounts.
  2. Write your Product Key -- << Test Licence Key >>  -- on the board.
  3. Ask students to open the Makers Empire app on their device.
  4. Students find ‘New to Makers Empire?’ and select ‘Create Account’.
  5. Students decide on and type in a username that they want to be known as when using the app. Click ‘Next’.
  6. Students type in the Product Key from the board when prompted and press OK.
  7. Students type in the first and last name and choose a password.
  8. Ask students to select the class that you have created.
  9. Once a student has created their own account, it will appear in your class list in the Teacher's Dashboard.

Option 3: create your student accounts in the Teacher's Dashboard
Go to your Classes https://dash.makersempire.com/dashboard/classes 


Via CSV file (more instructions will be given on the page):

Option 3a: we do it for you before your first class

Makers Empire offers complimentary set up of class. Simply email us the .csv files at info@makersempire.com and we'll set up your classes for you. Please allow three business days for this service.

Option 3b: you do it before the first class

You can add classes of students quickly by uploading .csv files (instructions in the Teacher's Dashboard). Alternatively, you can add students individually as follows:

  1. Click on ‘add student’ under the Students section.
  2. Type in: 1) Student’s email address (or your own if they don’t have one); 2) Username (the name the student will be known as in the app.); 3) Display name (the student’s real name - optional); and 4) Password
  3. Click ‘Create student’
  4. You will see the message ‘Student successfully created’
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 for every student in your class
  6. Exit the window when you have created accounts for all students in your class.
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