Thanks to Nathan Yurisich from Rehoboth Christian College for this detailed guide!

The MSI is available from this link

Head to select Apps, +App, then choose Line-of-business App

Select the MSI you just downloaded as the App package file

Some information will automatically be filled in form the MSI. Add Makers Empire as the Publisher and “Ignore App version” to “Yes”. Edit the Description and other fields as you see fit.

The only command line argument required is the silent switch “/qn”

Add in the groups you want to push it out to or make it available for.

Once confirmed working, push out to required users!

Setting AppLocker rules for makers empire.

Makers Empire installs to C:\Program Data and as such the default AppLocker rules will block it from running.

The powershell command

Get-AppLockerFileInformation -directory C:\ProgramData\MakersEmpire3D -recurse -filetype exe

shows us there’s a few executables signed by Makers Empire

Using the Local Security Policy you can generate the AppLocker rule for the Makers Empire Publisher

This can then be exported and uploaded to your GPO or AppLocker policy in Intune

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