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Customising your avatar is a fun way for students (and teachers) to personalise their Makers Empire 3D experience, allowing for deeper engagement and learning opportunities.

You can create, buy and sell any of your avatar parts; eyes, ears, nose, headwear, handheld items etc.

Once you're happy with your combination of parts you can can save your avatar look. You can then continue modifying your avatar, safe in the knowledge that you can quickly load your saved look anytime.


To buy a new avatar look:

1. Open the avatar editor. Click the 'Me tab', then click anywhere on your avatar to open the editor.

2. Select the Looks tab and click the Shop (cart) button.

3. Browse the gallery of avatar looks and click on the design which you want to buy.

4. Click the token icon on the bottom left of screen, then click the tick button to agree to buy the design for the set price.

To sell an avatar look:

1. Open the avatar editor. Click the 'Me tab', then click anywhere on your avatar to open the editor).

2. Use the various avatar parts to create your look.

3. To save your avatar look, select the Looks tab and press the Save button. 

4. You will be asked to give your avatar look a title and set a price.

*NOTE the price of the look can not be less than the sum of its parts, and you can not sell a look while any parts are set as not for sale

If you try to set the price too low, you will see a pop up advising you "The minimum price for this look is (X) tokens.

If you click the help ? button you will see a summary of:
• The current price (purple) for each part and the total for the look,
Cost (pink) i.e. the parts which you have bought and for which the original creator(s) will be paid, and,
Profit (turquoise) i.e. how many tokens you will get. More on that below...


We have devised a rigorous payment system to ensure that original creators are fairly compensated whenever their designs are modified and onsold by others. 

This encourages re-mixing and adaptation, while respecting and recognising the original creator - like using a 'sample' in a song.

If you create an avatar look using only parts which you created yourself, you will receive 100% of the sale price.

If you have created an avatar look using any bought parts, then the tokens will be divided between you and the user(s) you bought the part(s) from.

For example, if Akari creates and sells avatar look for 20 tokens using a hat she bought from Bianca for 3 tokens and an outfit she bought from Carlos for 5 tokens; Akari will get 12 tokens, Bianca will get 3 and Carlos will get 5.

It gets a bit more complicated when there is a copy of a copy. For example, if Carlos had in fact bought that outfit from Dinesh for 3 tokens and then modified it, he can set a new price, in this case 5 tokens. In the example above Akari will get 12 tokens, Bianca will get 3, Carlos will get 2 and Dinesh will get 3.

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