If you are currently offline, but using a device which you have previously used while online, you can log in with your existing account on that same device.

If you do not have an internet connection and cannot use a device which you've previously used while online, or you're using Makers Empire for the first time, you'll need to create a new account

For example: Tia was using Makers Empire 3D online on iPad #1 yesterday. Today her classroom does not have an internet connection. If Tia uses iPad #1 again today, she can log in using her same account. If she cannot use iPad #1 for whatever reason, she will need to create a new account.

To log in to an existing account in while offline:

1. Make sure you are using a device which you have personally used while online. 

2. Open the Makers Empire 3D app and click the Log In button as per usual.

3.1. If / when we can establish an internet connection, the network indicator icon on the Profile tab will change from red to green and all areas of the Maker World will be accessible again. Your offline work and progress will sync with your account and will be available on any online device.

3.2 If we cannot establish an internet connection, all your offline work and progress will be stored locally on your device, and can be synced at a later time by logging into the app when an internet connection is present.

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